Sunday, April 28, 2013

an Ironman story

Marble Falls, TX
Our weekend started out rather simple.
We all went to the pre-race meeting for the half and full Iron man participants.
Questions were answered....
"what do we do if there is lightening while we are out on the swim???"
"why is there no lane closure out on hwy 71??"
"will there be strippers??" (say what??? Oh, you mean people to strip you of your wetsuit....THOSE strippers. Gotcha.)

We went out to dinner and settled in for an early bedtime at the hotel.

Then morning came.
We dropped Justin off, told him good luck, and returned after the kids and I had eaten breakfast and packed up the hotel room.
We had just missed him in the transition area.

(watching some fire ants....just before said fire ants crawled in to his shoes and started to sting)
Thank goodness for Benedryl.
Our set-up for the day....
Seeking shelter in the shade as the temperature starts to climb.

Getting hot now....sweaty and humid and....."why are we here" hot.

Caught a glimpse of him at the halfway point (mile 56) on his bike ride
HUGS help.
And back out for 56 more miles of joy.
DONE.....with that part of it anyway.
Getting powered up for the marathon.
Why am I here?????
And we wait......
Attitudes start flaring after waiting all day....up at 5am......bad idea....
Running off those attitude problems....

AND....after waiting for 15 hours.....
He crossed the finish line.
He is an Ironman.

2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run.

And in my mind I had the camera ready to go...
to capture that ONE moment we had waited 15 hrs. for...
and I got this.

Good thing there will be official race photos.

He has done it again.
Till' the next challenge, may you be inspired to try something new and seemingly impossible.
Even if it is giving up chocolate for a week, because the little things are ultimately the big things.
And even though I have shared this many times before....these men were Justin's inspiration.
And I kind of think they always will be.


  1. Amazing! And YAY to you for being such a sweet & supportive wife. You are so great & your family is lucky to have you.

    1. Thank you!!! I told him I was done being a "race wife"....I have had my fair share for a long time! Time to find a less intense hobby ;)

  2. LOVE. Wish I had tagged along... maybe next time?!?!


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