Sunday, February 21, 2016

Summer Dreams....

As the Pacific Northwest is actively thawing out, I can't help but dream of summer days.  (Summer 2015)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

THRIVE vs. OTHER stuff......

It's almost the weekend you have some big plans?????
Justin has a birthday this weekend....the big 35!  Awesome! 
He just keeps getting better with age.

Justin and I were talking the other day while the kids played at the park....
The sun was actually shining...seriously shining. 
Even if it was only for a few minutes...and it was still freezing outside
We had a total Timothy Green moment where we looked like we were charging up our internal solar batteries or something.
And if you haven't seen The Odd Life of Timothy Green, you should. 
It's pretty sweet.
Our family loves that movie.

Ok, rambling here....

But the sun was out, and we were having a great chat enjoying the moment while the kids ran around like wild animals released from a long captivity...

Anyway, I told him how I was on Zulily looking around, and they were featuring some vitamins and supplements at discounted prices.  I started adding up in my head what it would cost to buy all the things on there to add up to some quasi-THRIVE comparison, and kind of a sad comparison at that.  It was more money.....and it was Zulily, so it had to be pretty cheap...............but it wasn't.

That led me to thinking, maybe some of you out there have been thinking to yourselves,
"well I am sure I could just take the vitamins that are in THRIVE
and it would be so much cheaper
and I wouldn't be tired anymore......"

Is that what you are thinking???  Because I used to think I was doing just fine........

And so the eternal nerd in me got busy and priced out approximately what it would take to make up some OTHER system to cover most of what you get in THRIVE....
but not exactly 100% the same, because there is no other DFT on the market among other things. (Prices and product info taken from a reputable supplement chain store with a 3 lettered name,
starts with a G and ends with a C)
Here goes:

Women's Ultra Mega® Active $49.99/ 30 packs 

-5 pills per pack, one pack per day


Doctor's Best® High Absorption CoQ10 $18.99/ 60 soft gels

-1 pill per day, preferably with a fat-containing meal


TFXflex™ $59.99 / 60 capsules

-2 capsules per day


Rightway Nutrition 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract $39.99/90 capsules

- Take one capsule three times a day, 30minutes before meals with a full glass of water.


EPIQ™ HEAT GC $49.99/ 60 capsules

-Take 1 caplet with 8 oz. of water, twice a day 30-60 minutes before your two largest meals of the day


BarnDad Innovative Nutrition BarnDad's Fiber DX - German Chocolate Shake $32.99 / 1.98 lbs. 20 servings

-Add 2 scoop (45g) of BarnDad's Fiber DX™ German Chocolate Shake to 8-12 ounces of liquid (water, juice, protein shake or favorite non-carbonated beverage) 15 minutes prior to 1 or 2 meals daily.


 Ultra 75 Probiotic Complex $39.99/ 20 capsules

-As a dietary supplement, take one capsule daily with food.


Adding this all up and accounting for a 30 day supply, 

we would be well over $315

not including any tax or shipping. 

This would be 14 capsules at different times throughout the day

plus a shake prior to one or two meals during the day.  

What a headache!  

Who has time for that?

THRIVE is $150 per month, if taken full strength, for 3 incredible products that you use in the first 30 minutes of your day, and you are DONE!

Do you want to take another look at THRIVE?

And go watch Timothy Green this weekend.




Monday, January 19, 2015

Port A, Round 2

Before we started packing up and things got really crazy, we planned a trip back to the gulf for a weekend as a family.  It had been quite a while since the last beach trip, so it was long overdue.   It was so amazing to be together after a long few months apart, but what is awesome about going to Port Aransas in the Fall is that nobody is there....and it is still super warm.  We stayed at the Seagull again, in the same condo, so everything was awesome!

 Lots of wave jumping

And lots of smiles

 Lots of jumping in general....

 Runs down the beach


 Elusive Seagull tracks.....

 Obligatory poses in a sharks mouth...
 Rest time

 Happy wipe outs

 Rain showers and time to think

We will miss this little crazy beach town.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Two AMAZING weeks!

Sharing is caring...right?  Of course it is, so I am sharing with you about how exactly I THRIVE every morning. *** Just as a side note, I do not take the Lifestyle Shake everyday, but 4 days a week.  I usually reserve it for the days I know I am working out or a day I particularly need an extra boost.  There is an option to order enough Lifestyle Mix for a shake everyday (called the Tone Pack) but the choice is yours

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Hello friends.
I have actually been gone from my blogs long enough to be
The Wilkins in Washington once again....that is so weird!
I suppose that 2014 was just an incredibly busy year for us,
where I worked (awesome!) and Justin was deployed (not awesome!),
which resulted in very little time to blog....or energy to blog.
I regret it deeply, because I love looking back at all the fun we have day to day,
and the blog is the best place to dump all that "fun" and come back to it over and over again. 

I have missed you all, very much, and I come to you now from a new address, a world away from Texas....
where it snows!

We have settled in nicely, and enjoyed the holidays all together in our new house.  The kids got their own rooms, and are loving their new found personal space.  They blast music from their rooms in a very teenage fashion that kind of freaks me out....
it is usually Frozen Soundtrack vs. Michael Jackson or something like that.
It usually gives me a fat headache.....But I digress.....

Since we have been here, I have struggled a bit with the lack of sunshine which has made it VERY difficult to be motivated to do a whole lot of anything.  I needed a big kick in the pants, and then my girl Laura Seprish tells me she has something I NEED that will change my life.  I listen when that girl talks......


Justin had already tried the products, and loved them....but he is like Superman, and I am just me, so I didn't really think too much of it.  I got my products on Dec. 30th and started the New Year off with them.  Today is Day 7 of my 8 week experience, and I can tell you my life has been changed.
Some of you have seen my Facebook posts, and may even be annoyed by them, but with anything else I have raved about on this blog over the years....whether it is a mascara, a concealer, dry shampoo....I have to tell you guys about it.

THRIVE takes the cake.

I am sleeping through the night, and waking up ready for the day.....not crawling to the coffee pot with my eyes closesd.
I am not ready for bed at 4pm....I am staying up later enjoying a good book or a talk with Justin.
I am having no discomfort in my back and neck, which have been a huge problem for me the last few years.
I have energy to workout hard......seriously.
I have energy to cook..... and clean...... and play...... and laugh....and shovel snow.
I feel like me again.

This is such a gift.

Justin and I decided to promote this experience, and get behind these products 100% because we love them and need them, and want all our people to feel as good as we do.  We want to share with everyone we love and care about, because it has been such a blessing in our lives, in such a short period of time.

Please let us know if you would like more information.
Go to our website to check out a short video, and get more product information.  You can sign up as a new customer, and get your 8 week experience started for yourselves.  I promise you will feel better.  It is a new year.....make it a great one.

All our LOVE....

Next post will be something totally how to style my new SHORT hair....

Monday, April 14, 2014


~eating Annie's Macaroni and Cheese...white cheddar...
~plagued by Oak face itches like nobody's business...and the under-eye puffiness is insane...
~contemplating signing myself up for a triathlon in September to curb my ben and jerrys cravings
~need to get off the computer and take the kids to soccer...

Hi and Bye...

Let's make a video this week...fingers crossed.